mpsg (manic pixie science girl) is a singer, songwriter, and ukulele player in San Francisco. She enjoys singing science love songs, melodic ballads, and medley covers. She daylights as a biotechnologist and enjoys holding brains.

Science Love Songs

1/ DNA Love Song
2/ GANs
3/ Shy
4/ Oxytocin Me
5/ Bloodstream Battlefield

Melodic Ballads

1/ Connect
2/ Starry Sky

Medley Covers

1/ Breathe Me Stars
2/ Love Clarity Red Lights

Bloodstream Battlefield

Epic battle between bacteria infection and white blood cells

Music & lyrics by: mpsg & Charlie Van Norman


A scrap, a cut on the knee
Lots of things are happening molecularly

Bacteria's invading we slipped through the cracks
An open highway for those toxic maniacs

Oh sound the alarm, oh basophils
Tell the neutrophils it’s time to score some kills

Kills, they got the message from the histamines
Now we gotta worry about those future vaccines

Never-ending battle in the blood stream
Calm on the surface but its not what it seems
Billions of invaders enter my body
My army of white blood cells keeps me healthy

And now, defenses are up
We put up a wall where the enemy struck

Blasted macrophages you’ve won for now
We’ll be back again the next time you say “ow"

My bouncer B cells are watching you
Remember this fight and our friends will too

(Chorus 2x)