mpsg (manic pixie science girl) is a singer, songwriter, and ukulele player in San Francisco. She enjoys singing science love songs, melodic ballads, and medley covers. She daylights as a biotechnologist and enjoys holding brains.

Science Love Songs

1/ DNA Love Song
2/ GANs
3/ Shy
4/ Oxytocin Me
5/ Bloodstream Battlefield

Melodic Ballads

1/ Connect
2/ Starry Sky

Medley Covers

1/ Breathe Me Stars
2/ Love Clarity Red Lights


Song about being shy, but not when it comes to talking about science

Music & lyrics by: mpsg


I don’t want to step outside
My comfort zone
I don’t need to say hi
To you
I don’t want to talk about
The weather
I just need for you...

To tell me late at night
Why the stars come out to shine
Tell me how the atoms align
Tell me how to program my own robot
Tell me how our brains make thought

I can always talk about
I’d rather be reading with you
Right now
Everything in the universe
Is curious
And let the ego fade out

Tell me late at night
How dopamine makes us smile
Tell me 40 digits of pi
Tell me how many microbes
Are on my skin
Tell me how airplanes fly

I’m not shy
You just don’t interest me
If so, I would come alive
I won’t cry if you don’t
Talk to me
I’m having fun in my mind

Tell me late at night
How sound travels through air
Tell me how water bends light
Tell me how the Earth
formed so many layers
Tell me how fire dies

Tell me why I’m shy